Remote Timing

Let's Time Together! Are you a new race director? Do you only time a race once or twice a year? Don't worry, we've got your back.

If you're still learning the ropes, or simply need a little support, we designed Remote Timing specifically for you.

How it Works

Our staff can take care of the software side of things from our office, you just need to set up and test the equipment on race morning.

Leading up to Race Day

What You Do

  • Set up registration
    • Use the Zone4 Registration System
    • Use a third-party system that can export to excel or csv file
    • Or just type racer details directly into the timing system
  • Receive timing equipment
    • Rent or purchase directly from Zone4
    • Borrow or rent from other Zone4 users in your region

What We Do

  • Gather requirements
    • Start List & Seeding Formats
    • Race Format Details
    • Result Publication Formats
  • Import racers into the Zone4 timing software
  • Enter course and timing point information in the timing software

On Race Day

What You Do

  • Set up timing equipment
  • Collect race-day changes
    • DNS/DSQ/DNF, late start, wrong bib number, change of category etc.
  • Print & Post results at the venue

What We Do

  • Provide priority email and phone support from an expert Zone4 timer
  • Monitor and verify racer times
  • Monitor timing equipment
  • Manage results production

After the Dust Settles

What You Do

  • Tear down the timing equipment
  • Mail it back to Zone4 (if renting)


  • Celebrate your success using the Zone4 timing system!

For us, GoChips are now an essential race perk. The new activators are slick and the support staff are friendly, dedicated and knowledgeable. On a busy event day, they can monitor the timing system and quickly tailor its settings offsite. The best part is that our racers now get a link to instantly-populated results that they immediately share with their friends and family, with no hassle to the organizers.

Leigh Grigg
Bruce Peninsula Multisport Race

Contact Zone4

Remote timing service costs $200 per race day, plus standard equipment rental fees. To get a full estimate for your event, check out our rental cost calculator or contact our sales team to book your next event.

Not all races are suitable for remote timing, depending on the complexity or size of the event some races simply require an expert on-site. Our team can help decide what will work best for you. Remote timing is only available for races using the Zone4 GoChip timing system. We cannot provide remote support for third-party timing equipment.