Simple, Powerful, and Easy to Use.

When you use Zone4 to time your favourite sporting event, you spend less time learning software and more time doing what counts.

Live Results on

  • As racers pass timing points, the results are updated live on
  • Access from any computer, tablet, or mobile device
  • Customize your public results
    • select the fields that should be displayed
    • how racers are grouped
    • how times are calculated and displayed

Race Photography Tools

  • Streamline photo racer tagging and uploading for your photographer using Zenfolio
  • Photos are automatically displayed on with racers' results, on the same day!

Custom Event Pages and Startlists

  • Put all of your race information in one place with a zone4 event page
    • results
    • startlists
    • link to your official event webpage and social media sites
    • link to race notices, sponsors, or any other webpage relevant to your event
  • Post customized public startlists and public reports on

Live Racer Tracking

  • Upload a map of your race course, specify where the timing points are, and spectators can track a racer's position on the course live!
  • Ideal for races with multiple laps, and 30 minutes or less between timing points
  • A great way to connect racers to family and friends anywhere in the world!

Powerful Reporting Features

  • Group, filter, and sort your racers by any combination of criteria.
  • Save, export, and share your reports with others
  • See how many racers are left on course, or have passed a certain timing point
  • Be alerted of unusually slow and fast racer times

Announcer View and TV Support

  • Scrolling results are perfect for displaying results to the public on a large TV
  • Announcer results give the announcer specific racer information as the racer approaches a particular timing point (i.e. name, city, past race results, etc.)
  • A great tool for building excitement at the finish line. Loved by racers and spectators alike!

Simple and Quick Race Setup

  • Guided step by step race setup
  • Use Zone4 sport specific templates as the ideal starting point for your race setup
  • Import racers from a zone4 registration, or to import racers from another system, use CSV file import

Race Timing Tools

  • Quickly and easily change a racer's status to DNS, DNF, DSQ
  • Easily adjust a racer's split times
  • Update any racer information such as age, name, course and category

Built in support for many sports

Optional offline server

  • Use a Serverbox to ensure a stable and reliable connection to Zone4 regardless of the network connection at your venue.