The easiest way to time a running race.

Hand out timing chips and let the race time itself!


Zone4 and GoChip is an ideal solution for accurate and easy timing at small to medium-sized running races.

Software Features

  • Live online results
  • Racer Location Prediction
  • Automatic Photo Tagging
  • Announcer Results
  • Scrolling TV results
  • Gun Start or Chip Start race formats are both supported.


  • Re-usable timing chips with a comfortable ankle band are great for running.
  • Add mid-course timing points for extra splits and to make sure everybody completes the full course.
  • GoChips record a time and carry it back to the finish line — no need for a network connection at remote timing points makes GoChip ideal for ultras in remote locations.

What Timing Equipment Do I Need?

Equipment needs vary by race format. A minimal GoChip timing setup consists of:

  • One GoChip Activator and timing loop (for the finish line)
  • One Android Phone running the Zone4 App, to send recorded times to the internet and record a start time.
  • A GoChip Timing Chip for each racer.

Add an additional GoChip activator and Timing Loop for each intermediate time you want to record (i.e. lap times, hill climbs).

Don't need chip timing?

For small races where volunteers can keep up with the data entry, Zone4's timing software also works great with times recorded on a Summit timer or in our Android app.

How much does it cost?

We're glad you asked! Check out the Zone4 Rental Calculator to get an estimate of your total timing cost. If you'd like to try it out for free, we can send you a test kit containing a few timing chips and a GoChip Activator.

Ready to book a timing system? Contact us, and we can get you set up.