Delivery/Refund Policy

Registration into events and programs are performed instantly upon the completion of your registration forms and payment. Zone4 will confirm your completed registration by e-mail and your information will be logged and instantly available to the host club. The host club can then follow up with registrants for further communication and program information.

Zone4 handles all refunds according to the specific refund policies of each registration. This registration specific refund policy is available on the registration payment form and confirmation email you receive upon checkout. The refund policies for different types of events vary because the nature of the program and events differ. Some race registrations specify "No Refunds" because the costs to the club are the same regardless of weather and other reasons for cancellation. For cancelled races, quite often re-scheduling occurs and a new date made available with either refunds available for those that can't attend new date or occationally the option to defer to another race the club is hosting. Zone4 is in charge of administering these refund and deferment requests.

Club memberships and program registrations may allow partial refunds depending on when the request is made and the circumstances of the refund request. These refund requests will be handled by Zone4 in consultation with both the customer and the host club.

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